BrickForge Ghost Hunter Minifig Pack


 Includes the following:

  • Particle Pack
  • Particle Gun
  • Energy Meter
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Spectro Goggles
  • Hero Hair - Flask (Ecto Sample)
  • Ecto Slime
  • Test Tube
  • Tumbler (Ecto Sample) x2
  • Petri Dish (Ecto Sample) x2

About Ghost Hunter Packs

Something strange in the neighborhood? Had a dose of a freaky ghost? You know who to call, right? Equipped with all sorts of quasi-modern gadgetry the Ghost Hunter arrives poised to exterminate any apparition causing interference. Here's to hoping they can snatch a sample of Ecto-Goo before zapping the phantom into another dimension....without getting slimed!