Charmander Figure Pack - Mega Construx Pokémon Set

  • Condition: New

Boost your battle action with the fire-type attacks of this build-able Pokemon Charmander Mega Construx. Made with intense fire-breathing detail, your Charmander poses in varying stances to get an epic edge and heat up your battles while adding a new character to your Pokemon figure collection.


  1. Building kit and figure designed for ages 6 and up
  2. Ideal for Wonder Builders
  3. Great battle action for both children and adults
  4. Battle it out with the other Mega Construx Pokemon characters in your collection or face off against other challengers for more intense competition and entertainment
  5. Charmander figure makes a great addition to your Mega Construx Pokemon character collection on display in your home
  6. Completely built Pokemon Charmander Mega Construx figure stands at over 4 inches in height
  7. Size of the assembled Charmander figure allows for greater dexterity in your hands and lets you easily move and position the character
  8. Buildable and poseable for greater interactive play and fun
  9. Poseable in different battle-ready positions for more epic battles
  10. Building blocks and finished character boosts children's creativity and problem-solving skills
  11. Bricks combine with all Mega Construx building sets for mixing and matching pieces
  12. Bricks are also compatible with many major building-block brands for even greater building versatility